East Ward County Councillor, Ed O’Driscoll, is attempting to resolve the recurring traffic issue plaguing Broad Street, Ross-on-Wye.

The Vodafone store located there has reportedly been struck by misrouted Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) several times, leading to significant property damage and disruption. The issue, according to Mr O’Driscoll, might stem from errors in certain SatNav systems or inappropriate use of car-specific units by HGV drivers.

Upon being approached by the distressed landlords of the repeatedly damaged shop a few weeks back, Cllr O’Driscoll took action by raising the matter with officers at Herefordshire Council. A proposal has surfaced to erect “unsuitable for HGV’ signage along New Street and its junction with Wilton Road and Edde Cross Street. The introduction of these signs aims to deter HGV drivers from using this route.

Chris Wilkins, the Vodafone store owner, has labeled the situation as ‘madness’, having witnessed numerous instances of his store being hit by HGVs attempting to navigate the tight turn off the narrow New Street. Having been left in a circle of bureaucracy after his initial contact with the council, the provision of video evidence of lorries mounting the kerb appears to have shifted the momentum towards action.

“We have probably been hit four times in the last two months,” Mr Wilkins revealed, adding that the incidents usually happen in the evening when the store is closed. He attributes the cause to HGVs being diverted through the town by SatNavs as they approach via the A40.

Backing the call for action, Mr O’Driscoll, also a former Ross mayor, has initiated communication with the county council and the Vodafone landlords in search of a solution. Echoing Mr Wilkins, he agreed that signage is a crucial part of the solution to this enduring issue.

Members of the public have also joined in the dialogue, expressing their concerns on the Ross-on-Wye Notice Board page on Facebook. They concurred with the need for preventive measures to deter HGVs from entering New Street and the necessity for better directional signage. This concern is a testament to the shared determination of the community, led by Mr O’Driscoll, to find a sustainable solution to the persistent traffic issues and ensure the safety and preservation of the local area.