Ross-on-Wye was abuzz with excitement on Friday evening as five prominent venues, including St Mary’s Church, Made in Ross, Freshwater Mosaics, Urchins Gallery, and LivinLoom Home, flung open their doors to art enthusiasts.

The town was alive with the spirit of creativity, showcasing an array of locally crafted arts and crafts.

With the opening weekend witnessing a surge in attendance and favourable weather on the horizon, hopes are high to shatter previous visitor records. The Herefordshire Art Week, fondly known as h.Art, will run until Sunday, 10th September, with artists’ studios and galleries welcoming visitors daily from 11am to 5pm.

This annual event transforms Herefordshire into a vibrant canvas of artistic expression. From oil paintings, mosaics, pottery to crochet and watercolours, there’s something for everyone.

In the heart of Ross-on-Wye, six central venues beckon, with additional spots in the neighbouring villages. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the highlights:

  • Made in Ross (h.Art venue ref 58): Nestled upstairs in the iconic Market House, this gallery boasts a rich collection from local artists like Rosie Callinan, Chris Champness, and Eleanor Kercher.
  • St Mary’s Church (h.Art venue ref 59): Fifteen local talents, including Sally Boehme and Romayne Curzon, will display their masterpieces. Visitors can also indulge in homemade delights in a quaint café setting.
  • Freshwater Mosaics (h.Art venue ref 56): Catherine Van Giap, a self-taught mosaic artist, presents her exquisite mosaic wall hangings and oil paintings, drawing inspiration from stained glass and vintage china.
  • Urchins Gallery (h.Art venue ref 57): A recent addition to Ross-on-Wye, artists Tara Slater and Julie Cannon will unveil their unique artworks, spanning linoprints to watercolours.
  • Livinloom Home (h.Art venue ref 60): Gaby Devitt’s showroom on Gloucester Road will spotlight handwoven fabric items, ceramics, felting, and more, with contributions from artists like Sharon Curtis and Karen Tacey.

Brunel Workshops (h.Art venue ref 61): Jewellery designer Ali Tregaskes and paper-cut artist Sharon Curtis will showcase their nature-inspired masterpieces, from etched silver jewellery to vibrant printmaking.

For a comprehensive itinerary and more details, visit h.Art’s official website ( or ring the church office at 01989 562175.