Ross Photo Club held the fifth competition of the season recently with the theme of ‘faces’. 

Louise Hill from Worcestershire was the judge for the evening and she didn’t disappoint. 

She held back over half of the colour images to make her final decision on the top seven in the category. 

She commended that the standard was high, as did the Ross photo Club chairman, Brian Challis. 

In the colour category, first place went to Gordon Hay with ‘Lama Queen’. Second and third place went to Barbara Nash with ‘Contemplation’ and ‘Riverside Festival’. Highly commended went to ‘Tic Toc’ by Sandra Walding and ‘Hot Flush’ by Darion Churchill. Commended in the colour category was Adrian Bagg with ‘Gloucester Asleep’ and Linda Thomas’ ‘Exit Glacier. 

In the mono category, Chris Philipson took home first place with his photo, ‘Cheer’. Second place ws John Crowland with ‘Bowler Hat’. Third place was ‘Simplicity’ by Tanya Carrington. Highly commended went to Gordon Hay with ‘The Pipe Smoker’ and Malcom Schuyl with ‘Feeding Frenzy’. Commended were Chris Philipson’s ‘Steam Punks’ and Nigel Winters’ ‘Looking Up’.