This weekend marks a significant moment for the Big Apple Harvestime Festival in Much Marcle, as for the first time in its 30-year history, attendees can leave their cars at home and travel by bus. The change aims to offer a care-free experience to festival-goers who want to enjoy local ciders and perries without worrying about driving.

The Big Apple Harvestime is an annual event celebrating the bounty of local orchards. This year, the Daffodil Line Team has made it possible to enjoy the festival without the need for a designated driver. "Whatever your plans enjoy your weekend - don't forget to take the bus," said a representative from the Daffodil Line Team. They also noted that donations equivalent to bus fare are welcomed to keep their service running.

Aside from the Big Apple Harvestime, the weekend is packed with a range of activities. It's the last opportunity to visit Hellens' house and gardens until next spring, a chance not to be missed. Music enthusiasts can catch live performances at the Royal Oak in Much Marcle, while the Green Hop Festival in Ross offers another venue for entertainment. Local produce markets will also be open, promising something for everyone.

The Daffodil Line Team encourages the public to check out their 'What's On Pages' for more details on the weekend's events. They also invite poetry submissions inspired by the Daffodil Line, as part of their 'Bards on the Bus' initiative. "From Elizabeth Barrett Browning to John Masefield and the Dymock Poets, we're quite partial to a bit of verse around these parts," the team added.

So, whether you're an apple aficionado or just looking for a weekend of fun and relaxation, remember you can now enjoy it car-free. The Daffodil Line Team hopes the new transport option will make this year's festival more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.