Popular board game Monopoly is seeing a customised Hereford edition come to shelves in Hereford.

A brand new and official version of the board-game is will be available at Waterstones, WHSmith, and The Works, as well as several places online including on Amazon and Booghe.

The game has been in development for some time. In February they announced that three Hereford charities, which are yet to be named, will feature on the “community chest” spaces along with their logos.

Developers have been crowd-sourcing ideas to most accurately customise the game for Herefordshire residents.

One of the suggestions for a “chance” card read: “Someone asked if Hereford was in Wales, go back 3 spaces.”

Whilst London has a plethora of railway stations Hereford does not, because of this, a “transport set” will substitute the four traditional Monopoly railways stations.