Art enthusiasts in Ross on Wye are in for a treat as Made in Ross is set to showcase an exhibition of colourful and contrasting landscapes by renowned artist, Janet Chaplin. The exhibition, running from Tuesday, July 11 to Tuesday, August 8, will take place upstairs at Market House in the heart of Ross on Wye.

Janet, an art teacher with more than 30 years of experience, has recently started to exhibit and sell her work across Wales and the borders. Known for her vibrant and dynamic use of colours and textures, she captures the essence of the landscapes she paints, which range from the coastal areas of Pembrokeshire to the rolling hills around her Abergavenny home on the edge of the Brecon Beacons.

The artist developed her unique style while holidaying with her children in Pembrokeshire, where she began sketching and painting the coast. Trying to depict the atmosphere and movement in her work, she focused on using texture and colour to create increasingly large and abstract pieces.

Embracing the outdoors for inspiration, Janet often sketches al fresco before translating her observations into compelling pieces in her studio. Her preferred media include oils, acrylic, and ink, with salt often added to create texture. By layering these elements, she achieves rich textures that breathe life into her landscapes.

Janet Chaplin's love for colour and experimentation has resulted in a wide range of styles, adding depth and intrigue to her body of work. Visitors to the exhibition can look forward to her latest river abstracts, some of which depict Symonds Yat and offer views of Ross and the Wye.

This exhibition promises an opportunity to delve into the artistic exploration of landscapes as seen through the eyes of Janet Chaplin. Visitors are guaranteed a visual feast, showcasing her passion for colour and texture and their transformation into stunning pieces of art.