Ross-on-Wye author Stephen Constance has penned a stunning new collection of short stories entitled “Without Enid and Other Tales”, which have been over 60 years in the making.

These seventeen tales span locations from Birmingham to New Zealand, Ireland to the Forest of Dean, featuring a vibrant cast of characters painted with varied dialects, and themes as wide as ballet, alien encounters, love, loss, and mischief. This collection, written over a period of over 60 years, represents a lifetime of experiences and careful craft.

Though a man of many talents, including music and sports, Constance identifies writing as a lifelong passion, with works dating back to 1962. His unique experiences have not only enriched his stories but also rendered his characters and settings authentic and vivid; yet, he remains refreshingly grounded.

When asked about the genre of his stories, Constance emphasized they are primarily non-fictional, aside from one whimsical exception. His genuine, organic storytelling style coupled with his knack for dialects promises to leave readers engrossed in each tale.

Constance, who spent much of his life tuning pianos or playing jazz, highlighted the importance of his roots in Ross-on-Wye and its impact on his work. Six of the stories in the collection are set in the Forest of Dean, a setting made relatable by his rich depiction of the local dialect.

The availability of “Without Enid and Other Tales” has been spreading gradually. Constance reports that the book can be found online, while local bookstores can order it upon request. Despite some early snags with getting the book stocked in local shops, Constance remains optimistic.

However, this collection is not where Constance’s literary endeavours end. In his interview, he revealed that he has written about six novels that have remained unpublished, showing that his creative vein continues to flow.

Stephen Constance’s story is one of perseverance, patience, and staying true to one’s passions. His journey from Ross-on-Wye to the world through his stories is just the beginning. His collection “Without Enid and Other Tales” is a testament to a life well-lived and well-told. A read you won’t want to miss.