Julie Puddles, a renowned local artist and a proud member of the 'Made in Ross' co-operative, has beautifully illustrated the iconic Market House in Ross-on-Wye. Since joining 'Made in Ross' as a resident artist last February, Julie's journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Her collaboration with fellow artist Tara Slater has not only led to fruitful discussions but also the birth of their very own gallery, 'Urchins Gallery'.

Julie's detailed rendition of the Market House is not just a mere representation of the building; it's infused with character. The artwork features whimsical additions like Jemima and her dog Puddles, a pigeon, and a seagull. This delightful illustration has been transformed into fine art cards and tea towels, with the first piece being sold just yesterday.

Local art enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that this captivating image has been selected to grace a local Ross-on-Wye map for the Herefordshire Art Week.

Julie took to Instagram to share her excitement and invited locals to visit Urchins Gallery to witness her ongoing mixed media projects. As the weekend beckons, residents and visitors alike are encouraged to drop by the gallery and immerse themselves in the artistic charm of Ross-on-Wye.