The Tewkesbury Mop Fair, one of Gloucestershire’s most time-honoured events, is set to make its weekday return on 9th and 10th October. This marks the first time since the pandemic that the fair will be held during the week, a significant change to note for regular attendees.

The Mop Fair boasts a long history, chartered by Queen Elizabeth I in 1574. According to the charter, the fair must take place on the 9th and 10th of October, unless the 10th falls on a Sunday, in which case the dates move backward. Since 2018, the fair had shifted to a Friday and Saturday schedule. “It’s very important that we make everyone aware of this year’s dates,” said an event organiser.

Touted as the largest street fair in Gloucestershire, the event promises a host of attractions. Visitors can look forward to fairground rides, traditional games, and a variety of stalls and sideshows located right in the Tewkesbury town centre. The fair carries historical significance, originating in the 12th century as a hiring fair. Labourers and craftsmen would bring tools of their trade to seek employment. Those without specific skills would carry a mop head, signaling their availability for work.