Despite the gloomy skies and impending rain, the determined Ashfield Park School Council took to Ross Skate Park and its surroundings, on a mission to clear the area of unsightly litter. Armed with enthusiasm and a strong sense of community spirit, the group scoured the area for discarded bottles, bags, cans, and plastics, leaving a pristine environment for both residents and wildlife to enjoy.

The Ashfield Park School Council’s efforts are a shining example of the power of teamwork and dedication in making a positive impact on the local community. The once litter-strewn area now stands as a testament to their hard work and determination, providing a cleaner, safer space for all to appreciate.

In a similar vein, local litter-picking champion Sandra Brown also contributed to the town’s cleanliness during her morning dog walk on May 1. Sandra documented her #pawsonplastic journey, which took her through various areas of the town, including Cawdor path, Rope Walk, Station Street, Kings Acre car park, and the alley between Mount Pleasant and Three Crosses Road.

Sandra’s findings included two disposable vapes, takeaway litter, and an abundance of general litter around children’s play areas and benches. Her efforts, along with those of the Ashfield Park School Council, highlight the importance of individual and collective responsibility in keeping the town of Ross clean and inviting for all to enjoy.