Despite best efforts to push back the tide of litter in the brook next to Morrisons, social media “binfluencer” and community champion Sandra Brown has reported an increase in discarded single-use plastic glove bags.

Sandra is part of a growing trend, sometimes knows as “wombling” where people incorporate litter picking into their day-to-day routine. Sandra herself pops by the brook Monday to Friday to collect any litter which has been discarded.

The particular issue of single-use plastic glove bags has been raging for over a year and Morrisons have responded to queries from both press and public about the issue.

The Gazette approached Morrisons for comment, a spokesperson said: “We have spoken to the store who have advised us that they are working hard to keep litter to a minimum and that the cleaning team are regularly picking up litter from around the store.”

Sandra said: “I use FixMyStreet a lot to report everything from blocked drains to fly-tipping, and of course full street bins. I’m a Womble litter picker so it just seems part of the job to report issues I can’t fix myself.”