Ross Library are enjoying a new set of book boxes as part of refurbishments to the children’s reading area.

Plans were in place to get the new kit since 2020, but as with countless other community plans, were delayed due to Covid-19. The brightly coloured boxes were unveiled Wednesday, October 5, by librarian and community champion Clare West, just prior to Clifford Johnson’s talk on up-cycling, announced that the old children’s book boxes are to be restored and donated to voluntary library.

The Dennis Potter room, on the very same day, received a delivery of new furniture. The room was named in honour of the most distinguished local literary figures.

Clare West said: “The idea is to make that area that bit more friendly. What we would like to do is to remind people that the library’s there for them. They can stay for 20 minutes, they can stay for two hours, they can sit, they can read, they can do their homework, whatever it happens to be­—they can be warm. If ever there was ever a winter when that message needed to get across.”

In future, talks at the library will be hosted on Tuesdays. They were originally switched to Wednesdays as the library is closed, making it easier to set up for the talks, but the change in day has resulted in a substantial number of visitors being unable to attended. Returning the talks to Tuesdays aims to make the events available for more people.