Sports events at Ross were cancelled over the weekend following a week of heavy rain.

Ross residents and those driving along the A40 would have had a hard time missing the fields of floods which have hit the Wye Valley as a result of the recent heavy rain.

Whilst sights across the Ross-on-Wye area might have looked dramatic, only minor damage seemed to have occurred. A good number of Wye-side buildings have developed flood protections against the usual high levels this time of year. Ross also has substantial floodplains preventing much of the area suffering flooding—although at times—Wilton seemed somewhat close.

January and February are months where the Wye is typically at its highest, and the threat of flooding is at its most severe. Fire and rescue services have reported having to rescue a number of vehicles and motorists who have mistakenly attempted to drive through flood waters.

As the weather this week turns colder, gritters are hitting the roads. This week temperatures have fallen into minus figures and a number of roads have become severely icy.