Herefordshire author Richard Priestley has a new book out called “System Change Now!”

The book looks at the big problems facing humanity and seeks positive solutions. It explores major changes to politics, economics, energy, technology, food, and farming that may make reversing the climate and ecological crisis both possible and, in the process, overcome hunger and poverty and many other social ills.

He will be doing a book launch tour of Herefordshire, speaking, showing slides, and signing books at a number of events in Hereford city and in most of the market towns of the county, with plans to come to Ross-on-Wye.

The book has no ISBN number and so is not in many bookshops or libraries. However, a number of local shops are now stocking the book, and it can be purchased directly from the author. More details are to be found on the author’s website

Richard told the Gazette: “I have wanted to write a book since my schooldays in the late 1960s and early 1970s.” The first work towards this book started in 2007 where he wrote 80,000 words and then abandoned the almost finished manuscript as he could not find a publisher.