The potential impact of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) on the cost of flights over the next five years was discussed in parliament by Ross-on-Wye MP Jesse Norman, who serves as the Minister of State for the Department for Transport. 

he exchange took place in response to a question posed by Charlotte Nichols, the Labour MP for Warrington North.

The UK government is committed to introducing a mandate for SAF supply from 2025, as part of its Jet Zero Strategy aimed at decarbonising the aviation sector. As a part of this commitment, the government has recently launched a consultation to explore the future levels of SAF mandate targets, which includes an analysis of the costs and benefits associated with various trajectories.

During the debate, Norman acknowledged the uncertainty surrounding future SAF costs, making it difficult to predict the exact impact on ticket prices. However, he emphasised that any potential increase in ticket prices is expected to be relatively small. The decision to pass on SAF costs to passengers ultimately lies with the airlines as a commercial choice.

The introduction of SAF in the aviation sector marks a significant step towards achieving the UK’s ambitious climate goals. While its impact on flight costs remains uncertain, the government’s commitment to minimising any potential financial burden on passengers is evident in the ongoing consultation and analysis.