Ross-on-Wye’s local local litter legend and “Binfluencer” Sandra Brown, has once again taken matters into her own hands to tackle the issue of littering in the town.

The dedicated community champion was disheartened to discover broken glass in the railway garden, not once but twice, within a short period. Undeterred, she rolled up her sleeves, picked up the shards, and safely disposed of them, ensuring the safety of her fellow residents.

Sandra Brown has become a familiar face in Ross-on-Wye, often seen clearing the brook alongside Morrisons, armed with her litter picker and an unwavering commitment to her community.

She champions the mobile app Litterlotto, which rewards users with entry into a cash prize draw for every piece of litter they collect and bin. Sandra has won smaller prizes in the past but was recently delighted to win the £1,000 jackpot.

True to her community-focused spirit, Sandra plans to donate her winnings to various local causes. Among the beneficiaries are Many Tears Animal Rescue, St Michael’s Hospice Hereford, Canal and River Trust, Ross on Wye for Ukraine KTS, BYT in Ross-on-Wye, Ross Community Garden, EnviroAbility, Rocky-Lee’s Little Feet, and Ross-on-Wye’s Men’s Shed.

Her actions serve as an inspiration for others to follow in her footsteps and demonstrate the powerful impact one person can have on their community.