As the Gazette has highlighted the daily litter picking I do around Morrisons - particularly the glove bags from the petrol station - in the past. I thought you would like to know that the relatively new store manager has been very pro-active regarding litter around the store, and I have seen a huge improvement - he even joined a joint store RCLCUC litter pick around Morrisons on Monday March 27 - and I am happy to report that I hardly find any litter at all around the store these days.

Obviously all store and garage users can help too, by making use of the numerous bins positioned around the carpark and garage - and of course anyone 12+ can also bin their rubbish using the free ‘Litterlotto’ app for a chance to win the U.K. weekly jackpot of £1,000, why wouldn’t you #binittowinit?

Sandra Brown, part of the Ross Community Litter Clean Up Crew RCLCUC, Ross-on-Wye