Ross-on-Wye Community Litter Clean Up Crew (RCLCUC) has been hard at work cleaning up the town’s streets and public spaces.

Community stalwart Sandra Brown tackled the Cawdor path, collecting three bags of litter, dog waste bags, and even a few glass bottles. The oldest item found was a can dated from 2014.

The RCLCUC is a group of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to keep Ross-on-Wye free from litter. They are committed to promoting the message of “be part of the solution, not the pollution” and encourage everyone to get involved in keeping their community clean.

Members praised Sandra’s haul on the RCLCUC Facebook page. Kay Jones thanked Sandra for her work, while Caroline Bennett expressed amazement that people still think it’s acceptable to drop litter.

Sandra, however, noted that the path wasn’t actually too bad this time around. The vegetation dieback, allowed her to see and reach bits she previously couldn’t.

The RCLCUC continues to make a positive impact on Ross-on-Wye, and their work is greatly appreciated by the community. They encourage everyone to take part in their plastic challenge and do their part in keeping the town clean and beautiful.