Ross-on-Wye resident, Sandra Brown, has raised concerns about the persistent littering of "glove bags" in the Brook and its surroundings, which she says are from the Morrisons store garage in the town. Despite her best efforts, Sandra is unable to reach or remove the bags, which contain discarded disposable gloves. The ongoing issue has sparked criticism from locals who are calling for action from Morrisons to address the problem. Many are worried that the litter is not only unsightly, but could also pose a danger to wildlife in the area.

Sandra is vocal user of LitterLotto, a free-to-enter prize draw app that incentives users to clean up litter by offering spot prizes and huge jackpots, is making waves as it reaches a staggering 7,448,633 pieces of litter binned and counting. The app allows users to take a picture of the litter they pick up as they place it in a bin, with each submission providing another chance to win. The app is supported by brands that prioritize a cleaner environment, with different jackpot levels available globally. LitterLotto aims to reduce and ultimately put an end to the damage caused by rising levels of litter by incentivising positive actions toward litter and the environment.

Sandra Brown has won a £1,000 jackpot from the mobile app. It has been a valuable tool for her efforts to keep the brook alongside Morrisons free of single-use plastic glove bags.

This isn't the first time Sandra has won a prize from the app, but the community-minded wombling "binfluencer" is delighted to use her latest jackpot to give back to local causes. She has decided to donate to several charities close to her heart, including Many Tears Animal Rescue, St Michael’s Hospice Hereford, Canal and River Trust, Ross on Wye for Ukraine KTS, BYT in Ross-on-Wye, Ross Community Garden, EnviroAbility, Rocky-Lee’s Little Feet, and the Ross-on-Wye’s Men’s Shed.

Sandra's philanthropy is a shining example of the positive impact that can come from taking a small action to improve one's community. By using Litterlotto and participating in litter-picking efforts, she has not only made a tangible difference in her local environment but has also inspired others to do the same.