Sandra Brown, a dedicated litter picker in Ross-on-Wye, has been working tirelessly to keep the town's streets clean. Her recent report highlights a growing concern of disposable vapes being found discarded on the streets.

As an environmentally conscious resident, Sandra urges the public to dispose of these items in a more responsible manner, and not in home or street bins. She suggests looking for special battery bins, such as those found in Morrisons, Sainsburys, and Spar.

In her latest litter picking mission, Sandra discovered an increasing number of discarded glove bags along the bank between Morrisons carpark and the Brook. Despite this ongoing issue, she remains committed to her “wombling” routes and continues to make a difference in her community.

To help promote a cleaner environment and encourage responsible disposal of litter, Sandra encourages the use of LitterLotto, a free prize draw that is now available worldwide. The platform is supported by several brands and offers regular spot prizes and large jackpots. Sandra herself has already won over £1,000 through the platform, which she has donated to several good causes working to make Ross-on-Wye a better place to live.

Through her actions, Sandra sets an inspiring example to others, showing that it's the little things that can make a big difference. As she continues her tireless work to keep Ross-on-Wye clean and beautiful, she invites others to join her and take responsibility for their environment.