A DRUG-driver who caused the death of a motorcyclist in a collision on a Forest road has been jailed for five years.

David Bond, of Worrall Hill near Lydbrook, was jailed for causing death by careless driving while over the limit for cocaine.

Gloucestershire Police were called to the A4136 at Brierley at approximately 1.40pm on Saturday, July 18, 2020 following a report that Bond’s Hyundai ix35 had collided with a motorcycle being ridden by 53-year-old Nigel Meadows from Longhope.

Bond, 43, was driving towards Coleford and Mr Meadows was riding his motorcycle in the opposite direction when the collision happened outside the entrance to Great Berry Quarry at Brierley.

Mr Meadows died at the scene as a result of his injuries.

Attending officers conducted a drugs wipe on Bond which came back positive for cocaine.

But Bond told PC Brian Webb from the Roads Policing Unit Bond he had not “touched any cocaine”.

A subsequent blood test found that he was eight times the legal drug limit for driving.

Tests found his blood contained 400mcgs of Benzoylecgonine – which is produced when the body breaks down cocaine – with the legal limit being 50mcgs per litre of blood.

Bond was searched before being placed into handcuffs and officers found a razor blade in his wallet.

He claimed the powder on the razor blade was plaster dust related to his job as a plasterer – but forensic examinations proved it was cocaine.

While being booked into police custody Bond stated he had used cocaine since his late teens or 20s, and that he had taken the drug the evening before the collision.

Gloucester Crown Court heard that he was coming down from a high at the time of the fatal collision.

Bond claimed the cocaine in his system had no impact on his ability to drive, but he was unanimously found guilty by a jury following a trial at Cirencester Crown Court last March.

Bond appeared before Her Honour Judge Moira Macmillan for sentence on Friday, May 5.

As well as being sent to prison, he was also disqualified from driving for five years, with the ban starting when he is released and he will have to take an extended driving test

Police Staff Investigator Nigel Davies, from the Gloucestershire Police Serious Collision Investigation Team, said: “This case demonstrates the repercussions of driving while under the influence of illegal drugs.

“On the day of the collision Bond made the irresponsible decision to get behind the wheel, despite the fact that he knew he was under the influence of cocaine.

“As a result of that decision, a man has lost his life and Bond is now facing the consequences of his actions.

“I’d like to thank all of the witnesses who helped with our investigation as their comprehensive accounts of what happened have resulted in a successful prosecution and Bond being found guilty of his actions.

“My thoughts and condolences remain with Mr Meadows’ family, friends and the wider community of Longhope and the surrounding areas who have been affected by his death.”

PC Brian Webb from the Roads Policing Unit added: “Bond’s decision to drive after taking drugs resulted in the tragic loss of Mr Meadows’ life, and I hope that other motorists remember this incident when deciding if they should take drugs before driving.

“I am pleased with this conviction as Bond wouldn’t originally own up to taking drugs and it is clear he did not think about the consequences of his actions.”

In a victim impact statement which was read in court, Mr Meadows’ widow Sue spoke about how her life has changed following the collision.

She said: “It is so difficult for me to express in words the utter devastation that I feel. Nigel’s death was such a huge shock to me.

“My life has changed beyond recognition. The moment that I was told that Nigel had died my life felt out of control in every way and my world fell apart.

“Nigel and I have been together for 30 years, nearly married for 28 years. We hardly spent a night apart and even on the day of this terrible accident we were planning our next 20 to 30 years together.

“I have been through the shock, the utter devastation and now the realisation that he is gone forever. I feel like I have nobody... no mum, no dad and now no husband.

“I no longer have the love and companionship of Nigel, my life is empty without him, I am just existing...drifting without a purpose.

“I can’t seem to get over losing him. I will never be the same person again. Nigel’s death has left a massive void in my life, I have lost my soulmate, I miss him every moment of the day.”