A MONMOUTH woman who helped generations of school upils safely across the road has passed away.

Pam Willett, known as the lollipop lady, was the smiling face to many pupils who safely crossed the road to Wyesham School thanks to her.

She was a key campaigner in getting speeds lowered in the vicinity of the school in 2008, threatening to resign unless the area was made safer.

Pam told MCC officers then, that there had been several very near accidents.

“I’ve had to push myself out the way, and the children, it’s just not on anymore, that’s why if nothing’s done by January I’ll be finishing,” she said.

Former school teacher Sue Morris remembers Pam fondly.

“Every child in the Wyesham schools had something from Pam at Christmas. She would bring down a chocolate Santa lolly for all of them” she told the Beacon this week.

“One of the greatest things with Pam was that she was one of the first people we ever got together with to do Children in Need” she added.

“Once I had got the licence, she would go down into the town all dressed up and her and Noreen and others would go down through Monnow Street on Children in Need day with their buckets.

“The first time we did anything we went off to Chepstow leisure Centre to hand over the cheque.

“As well as the town collections, she would have a bucket at her road crossing and bring down all the coins for us to count.

She really was instrumental with the success of Children in Need at Wyesham,” Sue added.

The headteacher at Kymn View School, Sally-Ann Wright said “Pam Willett has been a faithful friend of the school for many years. She not only kept our children safe crossing the road, but took an interest in their lives and their feelings. She will be dearly missed by us all.”

Pam was also a keen darts player and was often seen playing in tournaments in the singles and doubles competitions in the town.

She leaves behind her husband, Dave, former barber in the town, three children, four grandchildren and one great-grandchild.