Gazette readers on Facebook were asked what they were hoping Father Christmas was going to bring this Christmas.

Julie Parker-Gee, Val Gibbons, Lance Allison, Sandie Cotterell, Lynn Meredith, Barbara Salmon all wished for good health.

Denise Woodley wished for a cure for cancer, she added :”So no-one else has to go through what myself and others are going through.”

Some were more utilitarian: Shane Carlson was hoping for the numbers for the Christmas lottery, with Val Criddle simply asking for “a lot of money”.

Trina Parkin asked for “gas and electric”. Those who have been naughty this year might expect coal in their stocking, but given the price of fuel, may not end up being the curse Santa intends it to be.

Lauren Purser went political and said she wants to see the end to a Tory government.

Obviously tired of the short days and cold weather, Nick Lewis simply asked for: “Spring”.