Gazette readers choose three day weekends over mid-week break, poll finds

By Chris Were   |   Reporter   |
Wednesday 6th April 2022 11:03 am
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Gazette readers, in-line with the broader British public, have opted for a three-day weekend should the British working week become reduced to four days. Polling organisation YouGov asked the UK general public, 'If British workplaces moved to a four-day working week, what day would you choose to have off?'

Fifty-six per cent of British workers said that they would like Friday off, whereas 30 per cent opted for Monday, totalling 86 per cent of people going for a three day weekend. Ten per cent of people wanted a day midweek and five per cent answered 'don't know'.

Seventy-five percent of Gazette readers chose Friday as their preferred day off with 7.1 per cent choosing Monday, totalling 82.1 per cent going for the long weekend. Seven-point-one per cent of Gazette readers chose the midweek break and 10.7 per cent didn't care.

Readers who wish to participate in future polls can do so by following the Gazette's Twitter account @RossGazette. Several countries, including Iceland, have trialled the shorter work week, and has been announced that the UK is following suit with its own pilot scheme. YouGov has previously reported high levels of support among British people for a four-day week, providing it didn't leave people worse off.

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