Ross Good Neighbours scheme is now in operation, with its main priority to support those who are in isolation due to the Coronavirus epidemic. Over 200 volunteers have come forward and £1500 has been donated.

Ross Good Neighbours can help those in isolation with:

1. Shopping - to deliver groceries and other essentials to the doorstep. If you need to make an order, visit to order online, or leave a voicemail message on the Helpline number 01763 802046 (press 2 to get through to voicemail). One of the friendly volunteers will call you back to take your shopping order.

2. Phone friends - a phonebank of volunteers will make daily phone calls to check people are OK and if there is anything they need. You can sign up for this service by leaving a voicemail on the Helpline at 01763 802046.

3. Pets - volunteers have come forward to offer help for people unable to look after their pets as usual. Email requests to [email protected] or phone the Helpline.

4. Volunteering - isolation is lonely. As long as people are well, volunteering to do phone work can keep them busy and connected into the community. Anyone, included the house-bound, can volunteer by going to

The Mayor of Ross-on-Wye, Councillor Jane Roberts told the Gazette: "Setting all this up would not have been possible without the support of so many in the community. We are particularly grateful to Spar Ross-on-Wye, our partners in the shopping project; Ross Baptists for the use of the Venue; Enviroability for providing fridges and other essentials.

"Members of Ross Lions and Ross Rotary are working with local pharmacies to make sure medicines are delivered. The group is also pleased to be working with the parish councils in Bridstow, Brampton Abbots & Foy and Upton Bishop to extend our services to them."