MADAM, I am writing to express my thanks to a pair of good samaritans who recently helped me out of some difficulties.

At around 8pm, last Sunday evening, I was travelling from Gwent, via Gloucester, back to Swindon. Along the way, I stopped at Usk, Monmouth and Ross to take photographs of the Christmas decorations.I also stopped in Weston under Penyard to take a picture of the Weston Cross pub. As I did so, I stopped in the bus stop opposite the pub and, because it was dark, slightly misjudged the space and mounted the kerb. Despite hitting it at such low speed, I blew the tyre out. It was only as I tried to set off again that I realised and had to pull over.

I had no mobile phone with me, there was intermittent, heavy rain, and so I had no choice but to wander around Ryeford, in the dark, knocking on doors for help.

Unfortunately, I didn't catch their names, but a lovely couple at 'The Cottage', Ryeford, which is opposite the chapel, came to my aid. They allowed me to call the RAC and also put in a call to my wife, who was grateful to hear that I was okay. They were absolutely superb in their assistance, and I extend my thanks to them.

Ken Mumford (driver of the Nissan Note N-tec +), Swindon