Wye Valley NHS Trust is urging residents to check their own homes and their family members’ homes for NHS walking aids, such as crutches, zimmer frames and metal walking sticks that are no longer needed, as part of its ‘Hand it back’ campaign.

Many unwanted walking aids issued by the NHS are sitting in cupboards, attics, garages, and garden sheds when they could easily be reused for another patient to use, where it’s safe to do so.

Crutches, frames or metal walking sticks supplied by the NHS, such as from Wye Valley NHS Trust, a GP or physiotherapist can be returned to Hereford County Hospital at a dedicated container in Car Park 2.

Items must be in a clean condition before they are returned, and only NHS walking aid equipment should be placed into the container

Anyone who is not able to return the item but no longer needs it can call the Trust’s physiotherapy department on 01432 372995.

Wye Valley NHS Trust can only accept walking aids, so please do not return other equipment to them.

Jo Burns, clinical manager for physiotherapy at Wye Valley NHS Trust, said: “Many walking aids don’t get handed back because people are not sure where to take them.

“It’s important that if your walking aid is no longer needed, it is returned to the NHS to help to replenish our stocks for other patients and save the NHS money.

“Any households who are isolating for Covid-19 must not return items”.

For items such as beds, chairs, no longer required please contact NRS healthcare at Rotherwas - call 0300 100 0045 or email [email protected] All equipment supplied by NRS will have a barcode label with NRS on it and NRS will need that number when arrangements are made for equipment collection.