Dementia Matters Here has introduced the Ross Memory Café, an inclusive social space for individuals living with memory loss, their families, and carers. The venture, commencing on Tuesday, 1st August 2023, promises a nurturing environment where participants can connect, socialise, form new friendships and build supportive networks.

With sessions planned for the first Tuesday of every month, the Memory Café, hosted at the Larruperz Centre on Grammar School Close, Ross-on-Wye, offers a rich programme of activities. From casual chatter over coffee and cake to enlivening singing sessions, quizzes and engaging talks, there’s something for everyone. Additionally, the Café provides invaluable access to carer support sessions, ensuring comprehensive help for those navigating the challenges of memory loss.

The Memory Café, operating between 11.30am and 1.30pm, supplements the existing resources at the Ross Meeting Centre. Each session costs a modest £5 per couple, a fee which covers refreshments and activities.

Elaine Leney, the coordinator, invites all interested parties to get in touch for further information or to book a session. Elaine can be reached at 07506 992971 or via email at [email protected].

Looking ahead, the Ross Memory Café has a series of dates lined up for the remaining year:

  • Tuesday, 1st August
  • Tuesday, 5th September
  • Tuesday, 3rd October
  • Tuesday, 7th November
  • Tuesday, 5th December

The Memory Café aims to build a network of comfortable, social gatherings for those affected by memory loss, fostering an atmosphere of warmth, camaraderie and understanding.