In an ambitious drive to bring state-of-the-art medical technology closer to home, the Friends of Ross Hospital have launched a vital fundraising campaign to secure a Visual Fields Scanner for their local healthcare hub. This campaign is steered by their committed chairman and retired GP, Brian, who is no stranger to such initiatives.

Decade-long local healthcare champions, the Friends of Ross Hospital, are making headlines with their latest mission. A decade ago, during his tenure as president of Rotary Ross on Wye, Brian helmed a fundraising initiative to purchase essential equipment for the hospital. Despite falling short of their financial goal, the Friends of Ross Hospital stepped in to bridge the deficit. Thus, a Humphrey Field of Vision Scanner, a cutting-edge diagnostic tool from leading manufacturer Zeiss, was installed in the hospital.

Heralded as invaluable by Ross residents, this machine enables precise assessment of visual fields in patients afflicted with conditions such as glaucoma. Without it, patients would be forced to undertake long journeys to Hereford, often surrendering their entire day to the process.

Recently, however, the Friends committee received distressing news: the beloved Humphrey had outlived its warranty, and any future breakdown would render it irreparable. Unwilling to compromise on the community's healthcare needs, the Friends of Ross Hospital committee leapt into action, setting up a fundraising initiative to secure the necessary £40,000 for the acquisition of a new machine, affectionately dubbed "Son of Humphrey".

The campaign has already seen a plethora of fundraising events, from coffee mornings to fetes, with last Saturday's event alone contributing a commendable £750. The committee is also reaching out to local businesses and charitable funds, making the goal of securing this crucial piece of equipment increasingly achievable.

To bolster their efforts, the Friends of Ross Hospital committee is appealing to the Gazette and its readers for support, offering photos and editorials to shine a spotlight on this community-spirited endeavour. As the campaign marches on, the Friends of Ross Hospital continue to demonstrate their unwavering dedication to improving the quality of local healthcare.