Avoca, a prominent food brand, has issued an urgent recall for a wide range of its products due to concerns that they may contain small pieces of metal, rendering them unsafe for consumption. The recall comes after the discovery that products, including Vegetable Lasagne, Fish Pie, and Duck Liver Pate, among others, might be contaminated.

The recall specifically targets products with use-by dates ranging from 25th August to 15th September 2023. A full list of affected products, including their pack sizes and use-by dates, can be found on the company's website.

The alarming discovery was made during routine checks, prompting Avoca to take immediate action. The company has since issued point of sale notices to its customers, explaining the reason for the recall and advising on the necessary steps to take if they've purchased any of the listed items.

Customers who have purchased any of the affected products are strongly advised not to consume them. Instead, they should return the items to the store of purchase for a full refund.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has also weighed in, reminding consumers about the importance of product recalls and withdrawals. If a food product is deemed unsafe, it may be 'withdrawn' from shelves or 'recalled', with customers asked to return the product. The FSA regularly issues notices to keep consumers informed about food-related concerns.

For more details on the recall and a complete list of affected products, consumers can visit Avoca's official website or consult the FSA's advisory notices.