Hereford has been named the best city in the UK for introverts, scoring an impressive 69.18 on the UK Therapy Rooms’ index.

The idyllic destination, attracting around 24,000 tourists each year, offers the perfect balance of peace and quiet, along with a wealth of solo activities to engage in.

With 70 sights and landmarks, 30 museums, 41 parks, and 8 spas, Hereford provides plenty of opportunities for introverts to explore at their own pace. Be sure to visit The Weir Garden, a picturesque spot ideal for a rejuvenating picnic amidst colourful flowers, ancient trees, and local wildlife.

The historic city of Durham takes second place, scoring 65.65 on the index. Home to the iconic Cathedral and Castle, as well as the Botanic Gardens, Durham boasts 179 attractions catering to solo travellers and introverts. A relatively modest 58,000 tourists visit the city each year, ensuring a less crowded experience compared to other UK destinations. If you’re in Durham, don’t miss the opportunity to take a relaxing stroll along the East Durham Coast, a short drive away from the city centre.

Third place goes to the elegant city of Bath, with an index score of 61.11. Despite attracting 401,000 tourists annually, Bath offers 502 attractions, many of which are introvert-friendly. The city has 40 museums and 28 nature parks to explore at your leisure. For those interested, an 80-minute Bath Walking Tour and Avon River Cruise, or a Bridgerton-themed walking tour, are enjoyable ways to discover the city in small groups.

Dr. Daniel Glazer, Co-founder of UK Therapy Rooms, provides advice for introverted travellers, emphasising the importance of downtime and incorporating quiet moments for rejuvenation into their itineraries. Art galleries, local parks, and beaches are some examples of peaceful places to visit.

The index, developed by UK Therapy Rooms, ranks introvert-friendly cities, towns, and locations based on factors such as the number of tourists, Instagram posts per location, total attractions, sights and landmarks, museums, nature parks, and spas. With data gathered on April 8, the index offers a comprehensive guide for introverts seeking a tranquil escape in the UK.