Local people are being encouraged to take part in two key activities that will shape the future of development and transport in Herefordshire over the next twenty years. 

The Local Plan consultation and the Local Transport Plan engagement both launched on March 25 2024.

A draft Local Plan document has been prepared and it sets out how the county could grow in the longer term.  

The Local Plan relates to new development of housing, businesses and industry as well as identifying the necessary infrastructure to support growth such as community facilities like schools, medical facilities, and community halls as well as transport links. 

Additionally, it sets out what land should be kept available for recreation, farming and wildlife. The Local Transport Plan describes the travel infrastructure needed to support the Local Plan, including footways, cycle lanes, roads and bus services. It sets out what, where and how we intend to invest in transport in Herefordshire. 

The council would like to understand people’s priorities for improving transport services in the county. The feedback provided will help to shape the detail of the plan, before a wider public consultation on the proposals is undertaken later in the year.

 Cllr Jonathan Lester, Leader of Herefordshire Council, said: “These two draft Plans are incredibly important and will shape how the county looks and performs for the next two decades, so it is vital that we gather as much feedback as possible to help shape our future. 

“The Local Plan is the heart of everything we want to deliver, covering development of new housing and accompanying infrastructure, strengthening the economy, improving local retail and town centres, and helping us in our commitment to protecting our beautiful natural environment.

 “No meaningful development is possible without investment in the supporting infrastructure, most notable our transport networks. The draft Local Transport Plan will inform exactly what form this investment will take, governing our roads, footways, cycle lanes and bus services.

 “I would encourage everyone to get involved and have their say.”

 In-person events/roadshows have been taking place across the county, including one at Ross-on-Wye Market on Thursday, March 28