Dear Editor

Each year 250?tonnes?of rubbish is removed from the Forest of Dean,?costing local taxpayers £457,000 per year to clean up. In 2016, environmental charity Hubbub launched its #LoveYourForest?campaign, to tackle the issue through a number of interventions which in four years, has seen more than 800 bags of litter collected in the area.? 

Now, in its fifth year, Hubbub is calling on local artists to get involved in its next phase, which will see new ‘on-the-go’ recycling bins for plastic bottles and metal drinks cans rolled out in the town centres of?Cinderford, Coleford, Lydney, and Newent, to widen the message beyond reducing litter, to recycling it too.?

How to enter the competition:

1.Read the installation brief at:

2. Create a design/mock-up of your idea.

3. Write a short paragraph explaining your concept and planned materials.

4. Send your design and supporting paragraph to [email protected] with the subject ‘Love your forest installationON’ by Sunday, March 15 at 11pm. 

Rhiannon Ashley,?project co-ordinator at Hubbub, said: “This?is?an?exciting?opportunity for?local artists, with a genuine interest in protecting their forest?and local towns?from litter,?to?help take this campaign to?another level.?We?want to?create something that will?really draw attention to the new?recycling?on-the-go?facilities?and?ensure they’re used?by?everyone?so we can capture?and recycle?as much?valuable?packaging as possible.”?