Young people who are already in contact with Hope Support Services, which is based in Ross-on-Wye, as they are coping with a loved one who is seriously ill, are now dealing with the added worry that they might pass the Coronavirus to their loved ones.

“It’s a terrible situation for so many people in the country right now, but the worst news often mentions those with underlying health conditions,” said Operations Manager Lorna Russell. “These young people have already had to deal with weeks, months and years of uncertainty, not knowing if their family member will still be there when they get home from school or work, but now that fear is tenfold.”

The charity is seeing increased demand for services as a result of Covid 19 and has put measures in place to ensure they can continue supporting these young people throughout the spread of Coronavirus. Although the face-to-face service is currently on pause to try and limit the spread to vulnerable families, young people aged 11-25 are able the use the charity’s online platforms.

This service is manned by trained professionals who offer one-to-one support and also enables young people to support each other, which is so important when isolation can also have a negative impact on mental health.

"We wanted to ensure that we are still able to provide support at this time," Lorna added. "We had to put the wellbeing of our families first and temporarily stop our face-to-face service, but we are pleased to say we have increased the capacity of our digital service so our Herefordshire young people won’t be left without support as the local schools close."

The charity would like to reach out to anyone who feels that they could benefit from this support to get in contact on [email protected] or by calling 07776 663868.