Vanessa Ruck, famously known as The Girl on a Bike, has taken on an exciting new challenge in Portugal with Ural Motorcycles. The challenge is to learn how to ride a motorcycle with a sidecar safely, with the help of her co-pilot Emma. Ural Motorcycles, celebrating its 80th anniversary, is teaching Vanessa how to ride its 745cc bike, which has a unique design with a sidecar.

The challenge is not an easy one as the bike weighs just over 500 kilos and has different controls than a regular motorcycle, which makes it more challenging to ride. But Vanessa is determined to master the skill and the Ural experience is the perfect way to do it.

Vanessa and Emma are taking on the adventure of riding adventure sidecar motorcycles through eucalyptus forests and rugged terrain at the Euro Experience Centre in Portugal. The excitement of the ride has exceeded their expectations, as they navigate the challenges of riding with three wheels instead of two.

After a satisfying lunch of soup and salad, they head back out into the afternoon sun to continue their adventure on two sidecars. The sidecars add a new dimension to motorcycling, providing a social experience that allows riders to converse with ease and enjoy the scenery together.

As the day wears on, they encounter more difficult terrain, including a steep hill that challenges their skills. But with the help of their instructor, they conquer it and continue on their adventure. By the end of the day, they have accomplished more than they ever expected, having achieved a level of skill that few people have reached after just one day.

The team is excited for what the next day will bring, as they plan to venture out on a picnic adventure. They reflect on the social and safety aspects of riding a sidecar, which allow them to enjoy the scenery and each other's company in a new and exciting way.

Vanessa is excited to learn the skills to control the chariot safely, whether on or off-road. She has been practicing her skills in different environments, including turns, different terrain, manhole covers, and corners. Her determination to learn how to ride a sidecar chariot safely is evident as she embarks on this thrilling adventure.

After a day of excitement and adventure, they return to the Euro Experience Centre headquarters for a delicious dinner and some Portuguese wine. The friends are happy and content, looking forward to the next day's adventure and the many more to come.