Former "Top Gear" presenter and Herefordshire business owner of "The Smallest Cog", Richard Hammond, has unveiled a Chevrolet SSR on his YouTube channel, a vehicle he once drove in "Euro Crash" on "The Grand Tour". The two-seater hardtop convertible sports pickup truck, which Chevrolet believed everyone needed, was met with global indifference and only existed for a few years.

Hammond, however, has always had a soft spot for the vehicle. Describing it as having a "sense of humour", he said, "It's a massive over-wheeled six-litre V8 powered convertible hardtop heavily compromised sports pickup. That's a bit of me."

The vehicle, which returned from one of their trips bearing scars from various adventures, including being the target for Hungarian archers on horseback, is now up for customisation. Hammond is torn between giving it a sleek black look, reminiscent of customised trucks, or opting for a playful paint job that harks back to the flare-sided Chevy pickups of the 1950s.

Reaching out to his fans, Hammond said, "Maybe we can come up with something together. Some way of bringing new life to this. I am stumped, but I'd like to think we could do something with it that would make it special and unique."

Fans are encouraged to share their ideas, and the revamped SSR might even make an appearance at a future car show.