Motorists in Hereford have been experiencing significant delays Tuesday, 11th April, due to the installation of temporary traffic lights on a busy stretch of road.

The three-way lights, located at the intersection of Newtown Road and Mortimer Road, have caused traffic to back up on multiple approaching roads, including Edgar Street, Grandstand Road, and Holmer Road.

During the morning rush hour, commuters found themselves stuck in traffic for much longer than usual. It took a staggering 25 minutes to travel from the Old Market shopping centre to the Pizza Hut roundabout, as traffic congestion extended along Edgar Street.

The installation of the temporary traffic lights is the result of ongoing work by Morrison Water Services, who are operating on behalf of Welsh Water. A sign placed near the lights indicates the company’s involvement and alerts motorists to the reason for the delays.

According to Herefordshire Council’s online map of roadworks, the temporary traffic lights are expected to remain in place until Friday, April 15. This means that local commuters and residents should anticipate and prepare for longer travel times and potential disruptions throughout the week.

Motorists are advised to plan their journeys accordingly, allowing for extra time or seeking alternative routes to avoid the affected areas. It is also essential to stay updated on the latest traffic information.