Nestled in the picturesque southeast of England, the Desert Rose Riding Academy offers an unparalleled off-road motorbike riding experience in a serene and captivating setting.

Vanessa Ruck, also known as The Girl on a Bike, paid a visit to the academy to explore what it has to offer for both novice and experienced riders.

At the Desert Rose Riding Academy, a wide range of Beta motorbike models are available for riders of varying skill levels. The academy also provides a smaller, lower bike for those looking to build confidence or for shorter riders.

The main attraction of the academy is the top-notch skill training and guidance provided by experienced instructors Harry and Patsy. They ensure that safety is a priority and never push participants beyond their limits. The academy can accommodate mixed experience groups, with the ability to break off into smaller groups to cater to different skill levels.

Riders are welcomed by sunshine and an expanse of lush green grasslands, creating an ideal environment for improving off-road riding skills. While the priority is ensuring participants enjoy their day, the academy also takes great care to preserve the beauty of the venue.

The experience begins with a comprehensive briefing that covers safety measures, the correct way to mount and dismount bikes, and strategies for managing different terrains. Instructors emphasise the importance of a solid foundation in the basics before tackling more advanced techniques.

Participants have the opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills on a variety of loops and terrain, culminating in a thrilling river crossing at the end of the day. With expert guidance, they learn to embrace the natural movements of their bikes and develop confidence in their riding abilities.

The Desert Rose Riding Academy is not only an excellent place to learn off-road riding skills but also a fantastic destination for a memorable day out surrounded by the beauty of East Sussex.