Residents were horrified to see images which were sent to the Ross Gazette recently by a local resident, of two dead ducks hanging from a tree over the River Wye in Ross. However, it was pointed out that these had probably been the result of a huntsman losing a brace of ducks as he walked by the river.

But this week, a member of the public has been in contact with the Gazette to report a similar incident on a road leading from Raglan to Abergavenny.

Susan Morgan, who lives in Penrhos village, found dead ducks tied together with rope as well as the remains of what appear to be wild boar and dear dumped over the side of a bridge.

Mrs Morgan said: “Having recently seen the Ross Gazette article about the dead ducks, I was disgusted to find a similar incident in my local area. Since finding the remains I have been watching the area to see if I can find out who it is linked to.”