Forest councillors have backed a bid to establish guidance that would require organisers of motocross events to let residents and businesses know when they are happening.

Cllr Richard Burton (Green, Newnham) brought forward the motion to last Thursday’s (July 27) meeting of the district council.

He said that while motocross is a popular pastime it is noisy and can disturb neighbours.

A similar motion was rejected by councillors late last year.

Cllr Burton said: “It was voted out in December because some members were under the apprehension that this was about banning motocross.

“It isn’t. It’s about guidance for organisers to be good neighbours who will be affected by the noise and disruption.”

He said it is similar guidance to that used by other councils and the motocross ruling bodies of The Auto-Cycle Union and the The Motoring Organisations’ Land Access and Recreation Association.

“I urge members to vote for it so their constituents get proper notice and warning of such events,” he said.

Cllr Jamie Elsmore (Progressive Independent, Berry Hill), a motorsports enthusiast, said organisers and residents had told him they were happy with how things already are.

He warned that any move to restrict access to motocross could lead to a spike in antisocial behaviour.

“The biggest concern is the fact that if these kids don’t have racing in a controlled, managed, safe environment, if we were to restrict them and prevent them from having these venues, antisocial behaviour would go through the roof,” he said.

Cllr Jonathan Lane (Green, Tidenham) said the debate was framed almost as if the council was trying to stop people from having fun.

“That’s just not how I read this at all. This is just trying to be neighbourly,” he said.

“Clearly some people in the community have raised some objections because it is affecting their business. This seems to be a completely proportionate response.”

The council voted to emulate Stroud District Council who publish guidelines for motocross events and dates on their website.

And they will ask the environmental protection service to assess sites used for motocross events and to comment to the organiser and the land owner on the suitability of the site and the arrangements being proposed.

Councillors voted in favour of the proposals by 18 votes to 13 and one abstention.