JESSE Norman MP was making the headlines for all the wrong reasons this weekend when he claimed his former school, Eton, bred the best public servants.Mr Norman was one of two old Etonians (alongside Boris' brother, Joe) to be promoted by PM Cameron to top policy roles last week. His comments that Eton groomed students for public office 'because of the values the school instilled in them', was met with widespread incredulity.

JKHS Head Nigel Griffiths was rather more conciliatory, however. "I am sure Jesse didn't mean what he said and that it was taken out of context. He knows JKHS well and will be aware that our students are good citizens in the school, town and wider community and are involved in lots of work for the local good. Not only are they active in local charities and fund raising organisations such as Hope, Young Rotarians, young Lions, Cadets, they also run our Student Council, interviewing new staff alongside existing staff, for the school.

"Jesse takes pride in his former school just as our students take pride in their school," said Mr Griffiths.

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