PLANS for a one of a kind self-built home in a local village have been put forward.

Steve, Susan and Philip Dixon are seeking planning permission for a single-storey, one-bedroom house in a field beside Cherry Tree Farm, in Gorsley,

They are planning to build it on an old, ‘tumbledown’ stone sheep pen, the house would be penned off from the surrounding field, along with a 1.2-metre high retaining wall to the south of the property.

The “build is high quality, but low tech and a contemporary and compact design,” partly going into the slope of the field, it would be “extremely modest in scale” with just 50 square metres of internal space, the application states.

“With large windows, in the living room, it would be oriented to the south for solar gain in winter, while a large overhanging roof, planted with wildflowers and grasses, which would provide shade in summer.

“All the windows and doors would be triple-glazed, there would be level access throughout the build, and sewage would be dealt with by a small electric treatment plant on-site of the home.”

A covered carport, under the same green roof, would house two cars, and electric charging point, and bikes. A new track would run round the edge of the field to join an unnamed road through the village.

Comments can be made via the Herefordshire Council planning webpage until June 14.