Residents of Hope Mansell are up in arms about the lack of high-speed broadband in the area.

BT?and Fastershire had set a deadline of September 2014 for the roll out of fibre optic broadband, but Hope Mansell locals are still waiting.

The connection is passed on by fibre optic cabinets and although one is in place in Lea, it has not improved the quality of connection in Hope Mansell.

Caroline Elmnitt, Hope Mansell resident, told the Ross Gazette: “It is a huge inconvenience and it is impacting on everyone’s lives.”

The average speed for the neighbourhood is 1 megabyte per second. This is not enough to do what have become everyday tasks such as use YouTube or BBC?iPlayer. Caroline added: “I can check emails and search Google but everything takes so much longer because the internet is so slow.”

BT?have received dozens of letters from residents of Hope Mansell complaining about the issue.

Similar problems have been felt in Sellack, near Ross-on-Wye, where slow broadband speeds and BT’s missed deadlines have annoyed residents.

Simon Keuin, a software programmer and Sellack resident, said:?“I have tried to work from home but it is just frustrating with such a slow connection.”

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