New figures from the Police and Crime Commissioner’s (PCC) public perceptions survey reveal that confidence in West Mercia Police has reached a nine-month high, with 81 per cent of Herefordshire residents expressing trust in the force.

The survey, conducted between January and March 2023, showed that confidence levels in the police force have remained above 80 per cent across West Mercia over the past year. PCC John Campion is dedicated to ensuring that West Mercia Police prioritises the needs of the public. In fact, nearly three-quarters, 72 per cent, of respondents believe the police understand the issues facing their community.

Anti-social behaviour in Herefordshire was identified as a significant concern in the 2022 Your Views survey. However, following PCC-led initiatives to address this issue, 88 per cent of respondents now believe that crime and anti-social behaviour are not problems in their local areas.

Other key findings from the Herefordshire survey include: 79 per cent of respondents were confident they would receive good service from West Mercia Police; a majority, 58 per cent, believed the police were doing an excellent or good job; satisfaction with local policing levels has risen by four per cent to 62 per cent.

PCC John Campion commented on the results, saying, “I really value hearing from residents and victims about their views, experiences and confidence in their police force.” He also welcomed the increase in public confidence in West Mercia Police but acknowledged the ongoing need for vigilance. “Trust can erode quickly if officers fall below the high standards expected of them. I will continue to support and hold the Chief Constable to account to build further on these strong foundations.”

Superintendent Helen Wain expressed her satisfaction with the survey results. “I am pleased to see that over 80 per cent of Herefordshire residents have confidence in West Mercia Police,” she said. “My teams across the county work extremely hard on a daily basis to prevent and detect crime and anti-social behaviour, protect vulnerable people, and focus on the issues that have the biggest impact across local communities.”

Superintendent Wain pledged not to be complacent, stating her commitment to working with partners and communities to ensure that Herefordshire remains a safe place to live, work, and visit.