In a heartfelt collaboration with St Joseph’s Nursery School, West Bank Care home hosted a storytelling event, ‘Once Upon a Time Story Time’. 

The event brought together the young and the young-at-heart for a day of shared tales and joyous interaction. 

West Bank Care Home
(West Bank Care Home)

The children, full of curiosity and wonder, sat with the residents, listening intently as they heard the adventures of Peter Rabbit, a beloved character that stands out in the residents’ own childhood.

The event took a turn when Peter Rabbit himself leapt out of the storybooks and into the room, to the sheer delight of the listeners. 

Peter Rabbit joined in for a singalong, bonding over song and sharing biscuits. 

The special day was not just about revisiting childhood classics; it was intergenerational bonding and showcasing storytelling that has bridged generations.