Plans submitted to Herefordshire Council highlight a proposal for significant tree works at Cawdor House, located in Ross-On-Wye. The application P232507/K pertains to a Leylandii tree on the property.

The proposal outlines plans to strip the Leylandii of all its foliage, leaving only the trunk. This trunk will then be reduced to a height of 3 metres. The primary objective of this operation is to ensure the tree does not exhibit any further growth.

Cawdor House, where the tree is located, is situated in the Ross North Ward of the Ross-on-Wye Town Parish.

The council made the details of this application public on Friday, 18th August 2023. Residents and other stakeholders are encouraged to review the proposal in detail. The council welcomes comments and feedback on the application, with the deadline set for Friday, 8th September 2023.