Some 67 of the 122 designated communities in Herefordshire have so far completed a neighbourhood plan for their area.

But the process, which gives locals a small say in how their areas should be developed, can take more than a year to two to create.

And in some cases the whole procedure causes rifts in once tight-knit communities.

Llangarron is one of those yet to have its plan adopted but the process has already caused unrest among villagers.

Residents say there were a number of aggressive public meetings where the parish council and the steering group were made aware they were not meeting their expectations.

“When the Llangarron Parish Council produced its first Reg 14 consultation NDP it became only too apparent that many shortcomings were visible,” one resident said.

“The majority of new housing was being steered into Llangrove with very little in Llangarron. This has been an historic problem and over the years, and as a result, Llangarron has lost a pub, shops, post office and school.

“These are not symptoms just seen in our parish but are widespread around the county.

“You only have to look at the number of NDP plans that are stalling.

“Unfortunately, the spirit of community is being superseded by individualism but as a result we are all losing the ideal we all believe existed in past times.

“We look for people to blame such as Herefordshire Council but it is our own ability to be compassionate and realise our neighbours’ future well-being is the prize for us all not selfishness and short termism.”