Ross-on-Wye is set to undergo a significant traffic change as Balfour Beatty prepares to implement a new one-way system in September.

Ross Town Councillor and Herefordshire Councillor Ed O’Driscoll used social media to walk residents through the process.

The new system will see cars prohibited from directly accessing Kent Avenue from Walford Road.

Instead, vehicles aiming to reach Pendeen Surgery will need to take a detour via Sussex Avenue, turning right into Kent Avenue to access the surgery car park.

The change effectively means vehicles will only be able to drive up Kent Avenue, not down.

Councillor O’Driscoll expressed hope that the new system would help alleviate congestion in the area. However, the announcement has been met with mixed reactions from the community.

Philip Bancroft voiced concerns about the potential traffic challenges at the top of Kent Avenue, stating that both junctions are problematic and predicting minor accidents in the future. In response, Councillor O’Driscoll pointed out that experts have studied the traffic flow and recommended the new system, adding that the effectiveness of the change would soon, hopefully be evident.

On a more positive note, William Henderson expressed his approval of the news, deeming it “excellent.”

Andy Hiley raised concerns about larger vehicles navigating the area, suggesting the need for signage to guide them. Councillor O’Driscoll acknowledged the concern, mentioning that a company has been engaged to review Alton Street, with recommendations pending.

Caroline Bennett highlighted potential risks associated with the new system, particularly for traffic emerging from the doctors’ surgery onto Walford Road, describing it as an “almost blind corner.” She sought clarity on who had studied the traffic flow and the nature of the survey. Councillor O’Driscoll responded, assuring Bennett that he would make enquiries and provide answers, noting that he wasn’t the local ward member when the proposal was passed.

The forthcoming changes to Ross-on-Wye’s traffic system underscore the challenges of urban planning and the importance of community feedback. As the new system takes effect in September, residents and officials alike will be keenly observing its impact on local traffic and congestion.

Any there any road adjustments you feel are needed in the town? Please do feel free to let us know.