As the Ross-on-Wye community divides over the proposed McDonald’s at the A40 and A449 roundabout junction, local resident Paul Stephens voiced his concern, predicting significant traffic implications should the plans be approved.

“There is the potential for guaranteed gridlock,” warned Stephens, challenging officials to witness the afternoon congestion and consider the potential increase should the development proceed. He further insisted that the roundabout acted as a traffic feeder, multiplying the impact across all key routes including M50, A449, and the Ledbury Road.

David Thomson, another local, contended that the Monmouth traffic lights, rather than the roundabout, were the primary source of tailbacks. However, Stephens argued that the roundabout’s potential expansion could exacerbate congestion, leading to backups in all directions at Wilton.

Tina Powers questioned the necessity of the McDonald’s, considering the presence of other fast-food outlets like KFC, Starbucks, and Burger King in the area.

The final decision on the controversial plan, which has already elicited over 850 responses for and against on the Herefordshire Council website, will be made by councillors next week.