A number of planning applications have been submitted to Herefordshire Council for the Ross-on-Wye area:

The first of these plans, under reference P232249/K, concerns a large cherry tree on the roadside boundary of Highgate, Walford Road, Ross-on-Wye. The proposal seeks to reduce the tree’s height by approximately 50 per cent. This alteration would not only mitigate any potential safety risks but would also leave the cherry tree with a more compact and pleasing appearance.

Further down Walford Road, at Grosmont House, a series of tree works are proposed under planning permission reference P232250/K. The plan includes a range of actions from the felling of multiple trees to the careful raising of a large sycamore tree’s crown.

The proposal outlines the felling of a dead Ivy-covered tree, a walnut, a pine, a birch, and a Leylandii tree, all of which are on the rear boundary of the property. The felling aims to bring these trees as close to ground level as possible, minimising any potential hazards.

In contrast, the large sycamore on the rear boundary is set for a crown raise, lifting it to approximately 5 metres above ground level. This process, alongside a trim of its branches, would ensure a safe clearance of 1 metre from BT lines, thereby eliminating any risk of interference or damage.

Proposal, P232277/K, involves a cherry tree located at Chasewood Lodge, also on Walford Road. The proposed works aim to cut back the tree to the boundary line or appropriate growth points, which would result in a clearance of 6-8 metres from the roof. Such action would significantly reduce the potential for damage to the property.